birth name Lee Hyunjoo age & date of birth 17 & February 5th sign Aquarius residence Seoul, South Korea sorority Sigma Kappa Pledge occupation Student, employee at Yonsei Bookstore Clubs + Teams Cheerleading, Tennis major Undecided * family lee donghyun (father), kim eunjoo (mother), lee dongmin (twin brother)
But I'm only human and I bleed when I fall down. I'm only human and I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up and then I fall apart 'cause I'm only human.
twins are lucky
hyunjoo was born first, and she came into the world the way she would always be. quiet at first and then with a very very loud cry. that moment of spotlight was only for a minute before her brother was born, dongmin came into the world shortly after his sister with an even louder cry. they were considered to be lucky, becuse who was lucky enough to have twins on their very first time having kids. one boy, and one girl, and they were the exact thng you would have in mind when you ahad a boy and a girl. a loud, wild boy, and a shy conservative girl.
little girls are princesses
their parents were strict and conservative, and as such hyunjoo grew up in a rather traditional position. she was treated like a little princess, where she took piano and flute lessons, she played tennis and was dressed in the cutest dresses. while her brother ran wild with bruised and skinned knees, hyunjoo stayed a bit of a way away, making sure not to get dirty and clean up after her brother. tennies (which she aptly named 'twinnes') was one of the main things that the two twins did togehter, starting at a young age and sticking through it through present day.
always follow the rules
much like her brother, hyunjoo worked hard for the indepence that they have from their parents, though the watch they had over her wasn't as strong as the one they had over dongmin. she studied hard to get into yonsei, not wanting to be far from her twin brother. it was when she got to university that hyunjoo really did the first things that would be 'disobeying' her parents. they wanted her to focus on education, and go into teaching when she graduated, but hyunjoo, who had always loved the stars had begun the track for an astronomy major. her parents aren't exactly happy with this decision and are still trying to convince her to change it before it's too late. the second was cheerleading, which her parents were more than surprised and a bit angry that she had gone along and tried out for. she had no real interest in it when she was in high schhool, and they didn't exactly find it the most 'ladylike' thing for her to do, but she was commited to it.
shyness is not a weakness
along with joining cheer, hyunjoo decided to step out of her bubble and do two things that would help her get over her shyness. one was get a job at the yonsei bookstore, she uses it to help finance her growing character collection, that exists both at home and in her dorm. she's not the best sales person, she often forgets to ask people if they need help, or will be just a tad bit slow when she's helping them but she does her best. the second thing that she had done was decide to pledge a sorority. she had heard that sigma kappa was nice, and one of her fellow freshmen was rushing them, so it didn't seem to be a problem. what she knew about sigma kappa was that they were a perfect fit for her, and with her brother pledging delta tau delta, she knew that it would work out fine. especially if they weren't far apart from each other.

+ has a twin brother, dongmin, who she plays tennis ("twinnes" as they call it) with. she's extremely close to him.

+ she's obsessed with cute things, the color pink, and character items. her bed in the dorm (and her future ebd at sk) are decorated with the items. most of them are bought using the money from her job at the book store, none the money from her allownace goes towards it.

+ where her brother has skateboarding, she has cheerleading. it's not something that their parents approve of, much at all, but hyunjoo absolutely loves it. she finds it exhilerating, she auditioned for it as a way to find something that she can do on her own without her brother (since he has skateboarding)

+ she can disoey her parents from time to time, but it's mostly in far more subtle ways thna her brother (like character items or cheerleading). usually parents word is law and she spends a lot of time trying to wrangle her brother, trying to get him to 'act right' and behave, which causes her to go along with his antics.

+ space, stars, asteroids, and the skies. hyunjoo loves space and owns three star machines. she likes to set up her bed with a curtain around it, so that she can view the star patterns as best as possible without bothering her roommate.

+ she's kind of awkward, and a bit (okay a lot) shy. she lets her brother take the lead a lot in situations, and tends to follow behind him, cleaning up his mistakes and apologizing. she doesn't mind it though, she thinks it's fun, even if a bit disasterous at times.

+ when she gets to know you, hyunjoo can be loud, and energetic, always willing to go along with the ideas and things that her friends have.

+ crybaby, proceed with caution. it doesn't take much for her to cry, be it her feelings hurt, she's really happy, or anything like that. she will cry at any moment, but thankfully just as soon as the waterworks start, they can stop.

introverted, sensitive, compassionate, caring, positive, empathetic, has a tendency to get anxious or overexcited. Very much an ISFJ on the Myers Briggs test

More to come.
spring 2016 - monday 8:30am - 9:50am: Physics 151 (Lecture)
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spring 2016 - tuesday 10:00am - 10:50am: Math 126 (Discussion)
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10:00am - 10:50am: Math 126 (Discussion)
11:00am - 11:50am: Japanese II
12:00pm - 12:50pm: Comperative Literature: Zen & Taoism in Asian Literature
likes Books/reading, rilakkuma, hello kitty, sailor moon, winnie the pooh, basically all types of characters, the color pink, pastel colors, stars, space.

dislikes Needles, blood, negativity.
out of character
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